“Vote Truth” – Political Stake Sign Pilot for 9/11 Truth

Our "North Texans for 9/11 Truth" Group is trying a pilot project.

Signs can reach thousands of people with a message. A common problem which we run into with putting out 9/11 Truth stake signs is that they soon disappear. Municipal Code Enforcement picks them up. Our group has put out hundreds and hundreds. However, many times the signs disappear within a few days because Code Enforcement picks them up.

However, politicians have written City ordinances with an exception to the sign code enforcement. Political signs are exempt from being picked up during the election periods.

So, we have been trying to be a part of that exception by "being political".

Magic word: "VOTE"

And we do want to point out that some national and local political candidates support 9/11 Truth. For example: There are not too many Libertarian candidates who are not aware of the "9/11 Cover-up". Also, many candidates support transparency in government. In fact, it would be political suicide for a candidate to publicly state that the government should not be transparent. 9/11 Truth is the epitome of transparency. But “Vote Transparency” doesn’t print well on a political sign.

We ordered 100 stake signs.
These are double sided.
One color print. Red.
24" X 18" coroplast (Yellow this time out in order to boldly grab attention away from other political signs)
30" tall double H wire stakes.

Just so people are aware.

We tried to keep the cost down, but for the biggest bang.

Fortunately, we got "two sides printed" (instead of just one side) at a smooth value of just 50 cents extra per sign.

We stayed with just one print color, because it gets costly doing multiple colors.

The whole package of 100 signs and stakes, including shipping, cost us $350.

While we don’t like to promote a particular business, people will ask where we got them. We purchased these signs from here: http://www.yardsignwholesale.com/index.php Our signs were shipped the same day that the proof was okayed.

We have been watching to see how this pilot goes.

Here are some aspects which were observed when checking on signs after a week or two, along with an important point or two.

* Don't put signs on the "Right of Way" (it is against code and the signs often get picked up).
Put signs behind the easement. Typically this is behind telephone poles or sometimes well back of a sidewalk.

Many of us have been putting signs wherever we see other political signs on a set-back.
Some signs were lost because they mowed the grass and chopped them up. The big 4' X 4' metal posted political signs were left alone.

We know that weather can affect the signs, because you can see the attrition of other political signs.

One nice sign set was placed at a primo intersection along with other political signs. However, when we returned, a major construction project was under way and all the signs were taken down. But, the guys left them in neat stacks on the ground! At another construction area, the signs were completely removed after a couple of weeks of exposure. It wasn’t just our signs which were removed, but all the other same size political signs.

It has been noticed that many of our signs (and most other political signs) are treated with respect and not messed with. In other words, no one is coming to take them down, targeting the 9/11 Truth message.

One sign disappeared by a Republican. There was a line of Democrat signs and a line of Republican signs. We had a ReThink911 stake sign placed in line at each party. The Republican did not like it and so it disappeared.

In summary, the only real attrition which we have experienced was the Republican or from the mowing or from construction or from placing signs in the right of way. All political signs face some attrition.

We make notes of locations. The locales are easy to forget. Following the election, we can pick up the signs and recycle them for next election. This makes for an extremely viable promotion.
Many of our signs are very well exposed to lots of traffic. Daily, thousands and thousands of cars pass by these signs at their various locations.

Next election we will probably go bigger and bolder with 2’ X 4’ or 4’ X 4’ metal posts signs.
If you have any info, things you have noticed, whatever, be sure to let us all know.