Three Petitions - Obama: Don't Bomb Syria or Iraq!

Obama: Don't Bomb Syria or Iraq!

President Obama has been conducting airstrikes in Iraq and even has over 1,000 pairs of boots on the ground, and now he is threatening to begin airstrikes in Syria–– all without Congressional approval. US military intervention in the region has historically been counterproductive. Tell President Obama: Don’t bomb Syria or Iraq!

Dear President Obama,

We are deeply concerned about the people of Syria and Iraq and the threat to their safety that ISIS poses, but we know that US military intervention in the region has historically been counterproductive. We especially saw this play out after the 2003 US invasion of Iraq. Instead of relying on the U.S. military to solve the crisis, what’s needed is a political and humanitarian solution to the crisis, not more violence.

Last month, the House of Representatives passed H. Con. Res. 105, stating clearly that there is no legal authority for U.S. military involvement in the Middle East without express Congressional approval. At the very least, you (a constitutional lawyer!) should follow US law and consult Congress before taking military action.

The American people are sick of war and too many lives have been lost at the receiving end of American weapons. President Obama, we call on you not to bomb Syria or Iraq.

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No New War: We're Not Going Back to Iraq

Insurgents are advancing on Baghdad and again, the United States contemplates military action. But the American people have already made up our mind -- we're not going back to Iraq.

Petition: "U.S. military action in Iraq: It sure didn’t work out well last time. Let’s not make that mistake again."

Click HERE to sign the petition and to read Rep. Grayson's USA Today op-ed against military intervention in Iraq.

Stay Out Of Syria

How does an unpopular president sell the American people on a war in Syria against ISIS after failing to sell the war in Syria against Assad?

How does an unpopular president sell the American people on a war in Syria against ISIS after failing to sell the war in Syria against Assad?

He doesn't. He appears aloof, goes golfing and lets the same old neocons and liberals (Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Mike Rogers, Diane Feinstein) beat the war drums and blame him for NOT ACTING.

Consider this an exercise in critical thinking. Step outside of the 24-hour news cycle and look at how we got here..... It may make you look at this situation differently.

Start in Benghazi. More evidence is coming to light that we were arming the Syrian rebels (Many now in ISIS) to the teeth. At least 500 Million Taxpayer dollars worth of American weaponry went to Syrian Rebels. (Martosko, Daily Mail, 4-22-14)

Syrian Rebels set off chemical weapons and blamed Assad (Nebehay, Reuters, 5-5-13) in order to drag the US into the Syrian civil war. The neocons and Obama beat the drums of war, but Americans not wanting to get involved in Syria and not knowing who we should be supporting SHOUTED DOWN the war drums and we stayed out of Syria.

Sign the petition to keep us out of Syria and be heard!

Fast forward to the new enemy - ISIS. The SAME people who told us about a year ago that we needed to save from Assad are the SAME people beating the same war drums to stop ISIS in..... wait for it..... SYRIA.

At the same time that we are told the ISIS threat is everywhere, we are told we need to strike SYRIA. WHY???? WHY SYRIA?

Shouldn't we be bolstering our defenses? Securing our border? Rooting out foreign nationals on our soil? Raising our awareness to the possibilty a domestic attack? WHY is the answer going to war in SYRIA? Regime change? Arab Spring/Muslim Brotherhood? Why SYRIA?

Sign the petition to keep us out of Syria!

ISIS is a radical islamist group full of psychotic militants. So why did we arm them? What did they think ISIS was going to do with the weapons? They knew. They knew they would act like psychotic militant radicals act.

Assad wasn't scary enough. Create the bogeyman, let the bogeyman cause some havoc, turn on the bogeyman and..... go to war with the bogeyman.

Obama could not sell this new war to the American people. No one trusts him. So he plays golf and looks aloof while the usual neocons and liberals beat the drums of war (McCain/Graham, NY Times, 8-29-14) until he comes around.

Pacifism is utopian and foolish. There are bad, evil people. ISIS and Assad are not good folks. That's why we fight for our 2nd Amendment rights to defend ourselves and our country. We should accept that ISIS is a threat and our government should act to DEFEND our country accordingly. But is going to war in SYRIA in our best interest?

That is the true crux of the situation.

Sign the petition to keep us out of this manufactured crisis and make your voice be heard!


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